Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Book: The Frog Princess

                    This book is written by E.D. Baker. This book is very good. It's about a girl who is a princess and she is at the swamp one day and a frog tells her that he is a prince and that a witch cast a spell on him and if she will kiss he will turn back into a human and she does kiss him and that turns her into a frog and he stays frog and they try too turn back into humans.It is the first book in a series called Tales Of The Frog Princess. Things start happening right away in the book and I like that. It is easy too picture what is going on in this book. When the girl is talking you don't really realise she is a frog and I like that. This book is a bit funny. I think the age groups that would like this book are 9-13. I can imagine a bit what the next book in the series will be about.

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